Attractions in Strasbourg
at Christmas time


After travelling to Belgium in autumn, this time my trip takes me to the neighbouring country: France – for a short city trip to Strasbourg. I like to go to Christmas markets and Strasbourg is the capital of the Christmas markets. I am very curious to see what sights in Strasbourg are waiting for me at Christmas time. The small suitcase for the biggest Christmas market in France is packed – let’s go.


List of my top attractions in Strasbourg at Christmas time

  1. Strasbourg Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg)
  2. Maison Kammerzell
  3. The blue hour in Strasbourg
  4. Decorations of shops
  5. The quarter “La Petite France”
  6. And of course: the Strasbourg Christmas markets

I then head straight for the heart of this city and make my way to my first sight in Strasbourg: the Strasbourg Cathedral or Liebfrauenmünster.

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The Strasbourg Cathedral in the heart of the city

Travel tip Strasbourg Cathedral

I have my head so far in the neck that it almost hurts so that I can see the tip of Strasbourg cathedral. Whenever I stand in front of one of these imposing buildings, I ask myself the same question: how did people manage it almost 1,000 years ago? Not only the imposing appearance impresses me, but also the filigree work on these buildings impresses me.


The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg – imposing building

Then I am curious to see what the interior of the Strasbourg Cathedral looks like. So let’s go inside and have a look at the cathedral of Strasbourg. I notice immediately how beautiful the light falls through the numerous coloured church windows.

As I walk through the interior, I also see the beautiful organs. The Strasbourg cathedral has three organs. I find the nave organ with its Gothic case remarkable.



After my walk through the interior of Strasbourg cathedral, all I have to say is:”Wow!”. I was particularly impressed by the astronomical clock, which was created with a lot of attention to detail.

The “Dreikönigsuhr” has a calendar and shows the location of the stars. The Magi are inserted as moving figures. The skills that people had several hundred years ago to create such a beautiful work of art – simply fantastic.


After almost two hours I walk out through the doors of the cathedral. The fresh air and the scents of the Strasbourg Christmas market make me hungry. The Maison Kammerzell – one of my next attractions in Strasbourg – is also located in the immediate vicinity of Strasbourg Cathedral. I’m going to go in there and have a little refreshment.

Travel Tip Maison Kammerzell

Since I always like to try out the regional specialities on my travels, even if they are not my favourite dishes, I choose “Choucroute à la strasbourgeoise”.


French and Italian dishes in menus always sound wonderful. Choucroute à la strasbourgeoise” is simply a sauerkraut with eight kinds of meat (sausages, bacon, pork, etc.) and potatoes. The potatoes are clearly in the minority here. On my plate I first only see meat in the most different types of processing and under it the sauerkraut typical here.

If you don’t have an appetite for such mountains of meat, you can also choose a variation of the traditional food: e. g. sauerkraut with three fish variations. But I didn’t just come to Maison Kammerzell for the food. Outside, the merchant’s house from the 16th century has filigree carvings. But it is also worth seeing inside, for example, when you watch the hustle and bustle on the streets through the glass windows of the Maison Kammerzell.

After a good meal, we return to the well-attended streets of the Christmas capital Strasbourg. In the meantime it has also become noticeably darker outside and the lights and lights of the buildings are really striking.

Travel tip “Blue Hour”

I particularly like the time when there is still a little bit of daylight left, but the darkness makes everything light up. And in Strasbourg at Christmas time, a city with so many old buildings, I particularly like the time between sunset and darkness at night.



The pictures show parts of one of the many Christmas markets in Strasbourg. The special backdrop also makes it one of the most impressive in Strasbourg: the Christmas market at the foot of the imposing Liebfrauenmünster. Here I enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with some mulled wine and I go into the hotel bed contentedly.

Travel Tip: Outdoor decorations of the shops in Strasbourg

The next morning a grey winter day greets me. But Strasbourg quickly makes us forget this. Especially at Christmas time, the Münsterviertel offers a wonderful atmosphere for strolling.

That’s why it is one of my top sightseeing attractions in Strasbourg this season. Numerous houses in the city’s most important shopping district between Kléber, Place Broglie and Place Gutenberg are decorated with Christmas decorations from the outside.






From the Münsterviertel I walk towards the Ill, the river that runs through Strasbourg. Passing the former department store “Ancienne Douane” I walk along the river and finally arrive in the quarter “La Petite France”.


Today there is a restaurant in the “Ancienne Douane”.

Travel Tip: Quarter “La Petite France”

For me, La Petite France is the most charming part of Strasbourg. If you want to use the term “picturesque Old Town”, then La Petite France is definitely on this list. During a leisurely walk I stroll through the narrow lanes between the half-timbered houses of the medieval quarter.


Restaurant Au Pont Saint Martin – in summer particularly beautiful outdoors.




The house of the tanners on the right (Maison des Tanneurs) is now a restaurant with well-known sauerkraut varieties. In the middle of the picture you can see the swing bridge of’ La Petite France’.

Travel Tip Christmas markets in Strasbourg

And of course, in the evening I return to Strasbourg’s Christmas time attractions: the Christmas markets. The alleys and buildings of the day have changed completely in the darkness of the evening and are hardly recognizable. Everything shines in a variety of colours.

Not only the Christmas markets in the city’s various squares are lit up, but also the decorations of the shops in the streets now shine down on the people in the alleys. And then there’s this smell.

This typical mixture of the scents of roasted almonds, mulled wine steam, roasted sausages…. hmmmm. Then we let the Christmas hustle and bustle take us through the evening.

Christkindelsmärik at the Place Broglie



Strasbourg Christmas Market at the cathedral on Place de la Cathédrale



Strasbourg Christmas market of the respective host country on the Place Gutenberg



Theme Christmas market of the Carré d’ Or dealer association on the Place du Temple-Neuf (Marché au Carré d’ Or)




The village of sharing on the Place Kléber



Roads and buildings in the evening


Rue des Hallebardes


Die Rue des Orfèvres



List of the Strasbourg Christmas markets

There are many places in Strasbourg where Christmas markets take place. In addition to the Christmas markets already mentioned in Strasbourg’s top attractions, there are the following:

  • Market of the Alsatian Christmas delights (Marché des Délices de Noël d’ Alsace) on the Place d’ Austerlitz
  • Theme Christmas market of small producers from Alsace (Marché des Saveurs Alsaciennes) on the Place des Meuniers
  • Theme Christmas Market Kontor of the Three Magi (Marché des Rois Mages) on the Place Benjamin-Zix
  • Christmas market of handicrafts and regional specialities on the Place de la Gare (station square)
    The Kingdom of Children (Royaume des Enfants) on the Place St. Thomas


I would like to end with these wonderful impressions from Strasbourg. Strasbourg is a fascinating city at Christmas time. But it also has a lot to offer in the other seasons. If you go there at Christmas time and really want to focus on the Christmas markets and one or two other places of interest in Strasbourg, then an extended weekend is enough to relax and enjoy a little pre-Christmas time.

My colleague told me when she came back from the Hamburg Christmas Market that the same stalls as in Kassel are on the Christmas Market. You don’t really have to go to other Christmas markets.

The Strasbourg Christmas market and the Strasbourg Christmas markets cannot be compared with other cities. There are so many individual stalls from the different regions of Alsace and the host country that there is a great variety and you can’t eat as much as you like. With this in mind, I wish you a peaceful Christmas time.


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