Market hall in Rotterdam – my travel tip for Holland holidays


The market hall in Rotterdam is one of the city’s ultra-modern and young sights. During my city trip to Rotterdam, she was at the top of my sightseeing list – and I am really impressed by this market hall after my visit. There is also a superlative to be discovered here.

The “Markthal” was designed by architect Winy Maas and opened in 2014 by Queen Maxima. It has 96 stalls and shops offering their products every seven days of the week.

This futuristic architecture in the form of a horseshoe is impressive. With blue skies, white clouds and sunshine, the reflections in the windows of the market hall in Rotterdam are simply fantastic. I can just sit in the seat and watch for a while.


The interior of the market hall of Rotterdam

At some point it drives me into the hall, which measures the size of a football field. As soon as I have entered the gate, I stop. My gaze is inevitably pulled to the ceiling. That beautiful colored blanket.




Wow. This makes the entire market hall even fresher. Oversized flowers and huge fruit hang on the ceiling in a spring landscape. I’d like to bite right in.

The ceiling, designed by the Dutch artist Arno Coenen, is the largest work of art in the Netherlands with 11,000 m². It is called “Hoorn of the Overvloeds” (“The Horn of Fullness”).

And that fits very well. The Rotterdam market hall is not a market hall in the classical sense. Rather, it resembles a gastronomic temple of pleasures.

From every possible stand there is here felt only one or two. On the other hand, the variety of goods on offer is plentiful.

The stalls of the market hall in Rotterdam

Here you will find the traditional market stalls, such as the cheese and sausage stalls or the fruit and vegetable stalls.




But then there are lots of stalls that you won’t find in other market halls. And these make the marketthal in Rotterdam a little bit special.



My favorite is the doughnut stand. Just doughnuts! I had to hit as a donut fan.



There are also a number of booths that offer their products for sale in the lower part of their stands. On the roof of the stand they have a small restaurant. There you can eat the products comfortably.

For example, here at the stand with pinchos. The stand reminds me of my beautiful experiences during my trip around the Basque Country. But I already have two donuts in my stomach.


Conclusion of my visit to the market hall of Rotterdam

For me, the Markthal is a real highlight and thus one of the top sightseeing attractions in Rotterdam. By the way: Like some other buildings in Rotterdam, the market hall will probably be given a nickname. Currently very common in Rotterdam is the term “de Koopboog” (“the shopping arc”).

A little travel tip at the end: In the parking garage of the market hall in Rotterdam you can look behind glass showcases at some of the finds found here during the construction phase. This is where the origins of Rotterdam lie. That’s why some old coins, etc. have been found here.

Oh, and take a look at the market hall in the evening. A dream.


Markthalle in Rotterdam

Living in the Markthal

If you really like the market hall, you can also stay in one of the 228 apartments in the market hall. These are located in the left and right flank and the ceiling of the Markthal leund offer partly a great view over the city or into the market hall.


Opening hours of the market hall in Rotterdam

Opening hours market stalls

10:00-20:00 – Monday to Thursday and Saturday
10:00-21:00 o’ clock – Friday
12:00-18:00 – Sunday

Opening hours bars & restaurants

10:00-0:00 (although they have different opening hours)

Accessibility of the market hall in Rotterdam

The market hall can be easily reached by train, bus, tram or metro. All stations of the respective means of transport are in the immediate vicinity.

For cars there is a parking garage with 1,200 parking spaces. Cyclists can also park their bicycles in a bicycle parking garage free of charge.

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