My activities during a short holiday in Kaiserwinkl


Already on my journey to Bergamo, Padua and Caorle I made a stopover in Austria and visited the sights in Dornbirn. On my return journey I spent a short holiday in the Kaiserwinkl and saw the attractions and sights there. It was the crowning glory of a wonderful holiday trip.

The Kaiserwinkl is about halfway between Caorle, my last stop on my trip to Italy, and my home town of Guxhagen. Perfect for relaxing in the mountains for a few more days before your holiday is over.

Overview of my short holiday in Kaiserwinkl

  • The Kaiserwinkl region
  • Hiking in the Kaiserwinkl
  • Excursions on holiday in Kaiserwinkl
    • Pilgrimage Church Klobenstein
    • Walchsee
    • Unterberg and Unterberghorn
  • Activities on holiday in Kaiserwinkl
    • Paragliders
    • Archery
  • Hotel during a short holiday in Kaiserwinkl

Travelling via the Tauern motorway is an experience in itself. I have to stop at a rest stop to enjoy this wonderful mountain panorama. A huge and impressive natural landscape.


Well strengthened and overwhelmed by the sight, we continue our short holiday in the Kaiserwinkl. So far I have not had a stay in this region.

I am looking forward to the new impressions and am curious to see which highlights and sights in the Kaiserwinkl await me. What is there to discover and experience in the Kaiserwinkl?

The Kaiserwinkl region

The Kaiserwinkl is surrounded by the Kaiser Mountains in the south and the Chiemgau Alps in the north, and lies in the Austrian province of Tyrol. The Kaiserwinkl region consists of the communities of Kössen, Walchsee, Schwendt and Rettenschöss.


View from the Unterberg to the Walchsee in Kaiserwinkl.

Each of these communities has its own characteristics, so that you can spend a varied holiday here in summer or winter.


The Kaiserwinkl region now offers not only typical holiday homes and smaller hotels, but also larger hotel complexes, which are mainly located in Kössen. Nevertheless, the region has retained its rural character.

With so much nature around me, I put on my hiking shoes and explore the area. Wonderful this clear mountain air. And look at the sky. Fantastic October weather.

Hiking in the Kaiserwinkl

The Kaiserwinkl is an ideal region for hiking. There are more than 200 kilometres of marked hiking trails. Wow! The region offers numerous flat hiking trails due to the distinctive valley location.

But also ambitious hikers will get their money’s worth on mountainous tours. I’ll just take the middle way.

And so that I can capture the most beautiful pictures for you and so that I can find out more about the region, I am on my way with the hiking guide Manuela.


With hiking guide Manuela through the Kaiserwinkl.

That’s a wonderful view, isn’t it? So I’m not talking about us now, but the view behind us. Manu also brought a friend for Blogbär with him: The Kaisermandl.


Perfect! Then he is distracted and doesn’t complain that it would be much nicer in the wellness area of the hotel than here.


Well signposted hiking trails in the Kaiserwinkl.




And for the first effort there is of course also a reward: the summit drink. I could like to go on guided hikes.


After some time the stomach growls. The provisions from the backpacks are used up. So we stop at the Mühlenberg-Alm – one of the 30 or so alpine huts, where you can enjoy a refreshment during your hiking tours.



Here I enjoy the time and in perfect weather: mid October almost 24 degrees Celsius. I feel like I need sunscreen.

I find these alpine huts very likeable here in the Kaiserwinkl. From many a mountain hut you have a wonderful view of the impressive landscape.

At 800 metres above sea level I enjoy the truly imperial view of the Wilde and the Zahm Kaiser from the Mühlenberg-Alm. You don’t want to walk back down into the valley, do you?


With a beautiful view of the Kaisergebirge.

But the hiking day is coming to an end and we return to the valley. I’m taking it easy at the hotel.

Excursions on holiday in Kaiserwinkl

The next day will be a good rest. Today I would like to head for some nice places in the Kaiserwinkl with you. Depending on the weather, a visit to these three destinations is worthwhile for a holiday in the Kaiserwinkl.

Pilgrimage Church Klobenstein

First we stop at the pilgrimage church Klobenstein. It is located near the German border and can be reached by car or on foot via the former Smugglerweg.


The church consists of two chapels connected to each other. In it is the altar with the “Black Madonna”. Let’s go around the church. Here we find the name for the pilgrimage church: the Klobenstein.


Below the pilgrimage church there is an inn, which invites you to stop for a break. A little further down below the inn begins after the suspension bridge, which leads over the Grossache, the former Smugglerweg.

Sounds dark and daring, but he’s not. We have open borders. What else is there to smuggle? But you can hike along the former Smuggler’s Road. It runs three kilometres along the Ache to Kössen and you are about an hour’s drive away.



Now we’re going to the neighbouring community of Kössen. The Walchsee lake is situated directly on the village of the same name at the foot of the Kaisergebirge.

Lake Walchsee is one of the largest bathing lakes in the province of Tyrol with a size of almost 96 hectares and a depth of 21 metres. It offers many opportunities for recreation both in summer and winter.


You can stroll along the well-maintained lakeside promenade or take a one hour walk around the whole lake. In cafés and restaurants you can have a good time.

In the summer months the lake offers numerous bathing facilities, most of which are subject to a fee. Here I recommend that you take a look at the Kaiserwinkl-Card, which includes some discounts for the region.


Unterberg and Unterberghorn

A worthwhile destination for a short excursion is the Unterberg – the local mountain of Kössen. From up there you have a beautiful view of the whole region.


The Unterberg – easy to reach by cable car.

Here you can comfortably take the cable car in winter and in summer, which will take you uphill. From above you can follow some hiking routes in the region.




Gotcha! I also took the cable car.

Arrived at 1,500 metres above sea level you will immediately find the first signs for hiking routes. And if you need a little refreshment, you can go to the cosy bear hut.


In winter, ski tourism is also available here. The Hochkössen ski area on the Unterberg with almost 22 kilometres of ski slopes awaits you.


In summer as well as in winter, the Unterberg is worth a visit.

Today I’m content with a fantastic view and watch the paragliders fly. Which brings us to the topic of activities. Well, paragliding’s not for me yet.

But I’ve always wanted to do something else.

Activities on holiday in Kaiserwinkl


Let’s stick with the paragliders for now. It’s kind of relaxing to just watch them. Looks relaxed only on departure.

The whole rubbish has to go up the mountain first. But then it must be a nice feeling to fly through the air like that.




With me it is a little more relaxed on vacation in the Kaiserwinkl. I’m meeting with the Swivelman Andreas for archery.

Archery at the Kaiserwinkl Holiday

In addition to archery, Andreas also offers other activities in the Kaiserwinkl region: canyoning, rafting on the Tyrolean Ache, gorge trekking, mountain biking and cave tours. Everything with suitable equipment.

I’ve had archery lessons once before under supervision. But either my talent was still hidden there or the coach was bad.

Because the tendon kept popping on my forearm and I hit almost nothing. Disillusionment spread quickly back then.


This should change after the good introductions of Andi here. It began at the training area of the Moserberg archery range with an oral briefing on the bow and position during shooting.



After about 15 minutes, the first shots are taken to implement the new knowledge. Admittedly, some arrows also fly beyond the targets. But things are getting better and better.


Aim, shoot, reload.

Andi’s stated goals increase with every success. Because of the hints he gave me, I finally find myself in front of the “boss” after 20 minutes on the practice course. He’s standing between me and the actual archery course.

Him? No it.

The groundhog!

This is here when the bosses are shooting archery, not because of his brutal paws or his sharp fangs. No. It’s just the size. Because it’s the smallest target. So it’s about meeting or doing more practice rounds.

Aim and shoot!


Hmmm…. I would say mission accomplished. Where’s the fly I’m supposed to shoot in the eye. Okay, you’ll know the adrenaline’s flowing.


The hunting arch course in the Kaiserwinkl

The course is a different number after all. Here, the shot is made with bow and arrow in the landscape. You shouldn’t ignore that in such an archery course.

And this is how it looks like. Here and there, in the middle of the forest, there are animals of different sizes standing around, which now have to be met from certain places.

This is a rather larger specimen. But there are also small rabbits. But I left them out – I have four little chinchillas at home.


The hunting arch course is five kilometres long and there are 32 animals. We run it for an hour, in which we meet about ten targets. I really enjoyed it a lot.

This is a sport with a high concentration of concentration and easy hiking through the forest. And after an hour, you know what you’ve done.

I can imagine doing this on a regular basis in my place of residence, it gave me so much pleasure. At home, look around to see if we have it.

Oh, yeah. No animal has to suffer here. They are all animals made of plastic material. Disadvantage: You can’t eat it after killing. But I wouldn’t mind a delicious dinner now. I’m going back to the hotel for that.

Hotel during a short holiday in Kaiserwinkl

During my stay in the Kaiserwinkl I stayed at the Hotel Alpina in Kössen. The hotel is located just outside Kössen at the foot of a small mountain and contains everything a holiday-maker’s heart desires.


The rooms are spacious and furnished in regional style. From the breakfast buffet and lunchtime snack to the evening menu or buffet, I am spoilt with delicious food.


If the weather is not so nice, then you can relax in the wellness and spa area. With indoor and outdoor pools, sauna facilities, fitness centres and wellness treatments, there is no wish left unfulfilled.

In the evening I make myself comfortable at the bar, where there is more entertainment. The operator family and the staff deserve a special star for me. Because they are hard to beat in friendliness. And because I liked it so much here, you will soon read a hotel check from Hotel Alpina on my blog.


At the end of my stay I look back on a relaxing short holiday in the Kaiserwinkl. I have experienced a lot of things and come back home with new impressions.

The relaxation factor was very high for me here. On the one hand, the good service and friendliness of the Alpina Hotel team contributed to this. On the other hand, the region itself.

It’s not Kaiserwinkl for nothing. The area is surrounded by mountains and you can enjoy a certain seclusion far from mass tourism. The region offers a wide range of attractions and destinations.

Finally, I have one last look at the Wilder Kaiser and a grateful “Pfiat di, Kaiserwinkl”.


Transparency note: The stay was made possible by the Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board. Many thanks for that! Of course, I publish my own opinion – my enthusiasm cannot be bought.

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