Top 6 Sights in Alcúdia – Mallorcan city with history


Mallorca! Some hate it, others love it! Some hate it, others love it. For my taste, it depends, as so often, where one goes. That’s why I took a look at the sights in Alcúdia.

In the meantime, word has got around that the Spanish Balearic pearl has much more to offer than beer king, ballerman and sangria.


I spent a few days on the Mallorcan north coast, very close to Alcúdia and was thrilled. Even though my stay only lasted a few days, I did not miss to visit the historical small town Alcudia. I brought you my top sights in Alcúdia.

List of my top sights in Alcúdia

  1. Ruins of the Roman city of Pollentia
  2. Church Església de Sant Jaume
  3. City gates and historical wall
  4. Old Town and the Casa Consistorial
  5. Museu monogràfic de Pollentia
  6. Port d’Alcúdia

Of course, Alcúdia does not lack the special charm that the cities of Mallorca often exude. The narrow alleys, the numerous, friendly bright buildings, the enchanting little shops.

There, in addition to the usual tourist souvenirs, you can actually buy some high-quality local products in some shops.

Ruins of the Roman city of Pollentia

Alcúdia with its almost 20.000 inhabitants is not a very big city, but full of history.

In front of the old city gates, there is even an archaeological excavation place that proves that Alcudia is already settled since approximately 2000 B.C..



These are numbers that are so unimaginable. 4,000 years before our time. Archaeologists are still active today and are uncovering more and more areas.

Best preserved are “La Portella”, the residential quarter with three clearly visible houses, “El Forum”, the central square of Pollentia with remains of temples and “El Teatro”, the theatre, which is located on the former outskirts of the city in the south.

The ruins of Pollentia are an extraordinary historical monument. Thus, the excavation site is one of my top sightseeings in Alcúdia.

If you have not seen the historical Roman sites in Rome, Nîmes or Arles yet, you should definitely visit this site.

Admission: 4,- Euro (combined ticket with the Museu Monogràfic de Pollèntia)

Travel tip: Parking in Alcúdia

At the historical excavation site there is also a large free parking lot. This is the best place to park your car if you want to visit the ruins of Pollentia or the historic old town.


Church Església de Sant Jaume

If you are not so interested in Alcudia’s earliest history, you might be interested in the churches and sights of the old town.

The Església de Sant Jaume is just one example of the imposing buildings that suddenly appear between the Mallorcan town houses.

The church is part of the old city wall. The 13th century church was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style after its collapse in the 19th century. But the bells are still those of the old church and therefore the oldest in Mallorca. You notice already, there is much to see in Alcúdia.

Admission: 1,- Euro


City gates and historical wall

In any case you should have a look at the historical city fortification, because it is still sensationally well preserved. Moreover, the paths along the thick, old city walls offer a little shade and cooling even during high temperatures.

In addition to the historical city wall of Alcúdia, several city gates, such as the Porta del Moll or the Puerta De Mallorca, are well preserved.




Old town and the Casa Consistorial

But Alcúdia is also worth a trip for those who like to stroll. Those who simply want to get away from the hotel pool or the beach will find in Alcudia a wonderful mixture of historical buildings and alleys with nice little shops that invite to stroll.


Travel tip Alcúdia: A visit of Alcudia during a market day is particularly worthwhile. The weekly market takes place on Tuesdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 13:00 in front of the gates of the old town. But also in the alleys within the city walls there is a lot going on at that time.



Museu monogràfic de Pollentia

What can you do in Alcúdia when it rains? The visit of the Museu monogràfic de Pollentia would be a possibility. However, it is a very small museum and one is very fast through.

Here, some of the excavated objects from the historical Roman city of Pollentia are exhibited. There are also models of parts of the city as it looked today and in Roman times.

Admission: 4,- Euro (combined ticket with the visit of the excavation site Pollentia)


Port d’Alcúdia

If you like the water again, you can visit the Port d’Alcúdia by foot in 20 minutes or by car in 5 minutes.

I walk here along the picturesque harbour and take a look at the many small boats that sway to the waves.


In the past, only the boats of the fishermen who left the port for the Mediterranean Sea were located in the former fishing village.

Meanwhile, Port d’Alcúdia has developed into a tourist centre in the north of Mallorca, so that ferries and yachts dominate the harbour optics here. Nevertheless, a walk at the promenade is worthwhile.


In Port d’Alcúdia the beautiful beach Port d’Alcúdia begins, which merges into the Platja de Muro. For me this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. But before I go to the beach again …


Conclusion of my stay in Alcúdia

Numerous cute city cafés and restaurants offer small or bigger delicacies for a short or longer break.

What I especially liked about Alcúdia was the manageable size of the worth seeing old town centre, so that you can have a look at the sightseeings in Alcúdia in peace.

Alcúdia is an excellent place to walk and the city is therefore perfectly suited for a day or half day excursion.

The small Alcúdia in the north of Mallorca offers a good program for many different travel needs. In this sense I say “Nos vemos Alcúdia” – I will definitely come back again.


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