Travel Tip Austria – The Alplochschlucht in Dornbirn


During my stay in Dornbirn I walked through the fantastic Rappenlochschlucht gorge to the Staufensee lake and the waterworks, there was still enough time to explore the subsequent Alplochschlucht in Dornbirn.

After a little refreshment at the snack bar I tighten the laces of my hiking boots once more and off I go through the less known Alplochschlucht.

As soon as I have left the course at the beautiful Staufensee behind me, I enter the narrow Alplochschlucht. If the Rappenlochschlucht gorge impressed me by its size, it is here the narrowness that triggers a certain fascination.

The Alplochschlucht in Dornbirn – a fascinating natural landscape

The wooden footbridge runs directly on the rock. The rocks are covered with moss and other small plants. I’m gonna stop for a minute. The scent of damp rock penetrates my nose. Next to me I hear the sound of the Ache running right under my feet.


Again and again, after the next bend around a rock edge, further beautiful views of nature open up to me. Especially worthwhile for a hike is a day when it has just rained, but the sun is shining again.

Then the rocks are particularly beautiful and it splashes in all the many places where the rainwater looks for its way to the Ache.

Over a long period of time, the Dornbirner Ache dug its way through the rock until this mountain breakthrough came into being. For pedestrians, it is easy to walk through on foot – and above all on dry ground – since the wooden footbridges were built.

After I have hiked through the wonderful Alplochschlucht in Dornbirn with beautiful gorge experiences, a somewhat wider hiking trail opens up for me. Here the sun shines through again. The path now takes me up to Ebniter Straße.

Not far from where the trail meets the road is the Schmitte bus stop. What a nice coincidence that the bus is turning the corner. It takes me comfortably back to my starting point – and to my car – in Gütle.

Thanks to this perfect timing I still make it with one of the last cable cars on the Karren in Dornbirn. A perfect day.

Walking time: approx. 1.5 hours

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