Travel Tip Poland: The Sand Island and Cathedral Island in Wroclaw


During my round trip through Lower Silesia I also visited many attractions in Wroclaw. One of the most impressive sights for me are the sand and cathedral island in Wroclaw. Wedding included.


After my visit to the University of Wroclaw, I walk along the Oder River until I reach the Markhalle. Why don’t you come with me? From there I walk for a short distance over the sand bridge, the oldest bridge in the city.


Sand Island in Wroclaw (Wyspa Piasek)

Now I’m on the sand island. The sand church comes into my field of vision. Actually, the church is called St. Maria auf dem Sande. It doesn’t look imposing, though. However, it is one of the oldest Gothic churches in Poland.



To get from the sand island to the cathedral island, I recommend the bridge in the north. Then you pass a branch of Polish Lody. Here you can get a delicious ice cream.


If you want it to be a bit more picturesque, you first get the ice, go back to the sand island and then take the cathedral bridge to get to cathedral island.


Meanwhile, it has the nickname “bridge of the lovers”, because love couples attach locks of solidarity here.

Cathedral Island in Wroclaw (Ostrów Tumski)

When I entered the cathedral island I arrived in the oldest part of Wroclaw. In the 6th century a Slavic tribe settled on the island and built a castle here.

The cathedral island is strictly speaking no longer an island. For 200 years ago, a river arm of the Oder was buried. Remains of the river can still be seen as a small lake in the Botanical Garden.

island or not. This is the germ cell of Wroclaw. Here is the political and religious centre of the city. The towers of the monumental Wroclaw Cathedral can be seen from afar.

The first church on my little sightseeing tour is the Church of the Holy Cross or the Church of the Holy Cross.

Church of the Holy Cross (Kościół Świętego Krzyża)

The collegiate church of the Holy Cross is built in high Gothic style and stands here on the “island” in the shadow of Wroclaw Cathedral. After the cathedral, it is the second largest church on the cathedral island in Wroclaw.



Wroclaw Cathedral (Katedra św. Jana Chrzciciela)

Only a few steps away from the Church of the Holy Cross stands the imposing Cathedral of Wroclaw. For the most part, the building fabric is recent. Large parts of the building were destroyed by a bombing raid one month before the end of the war.


After the war the cathedral of Wroclaw was rebuilt. And now I stand before him and find something frightening.


In the cathedral there is a Polish wedding party. I have already attended a Polish worship service in Waldenburg and know how long they go to Poland. How long does a Polish wedding last?


But I’m lucky, and society comes from the church. They sing, take photos and fireworks at the forecourt of the cathedral.

Through a side entrance I finally reach the cathedral. I immediately set out to search for the elevator and look at the interior of the cathedral.






Whereby: First I have to buy a ticket and then I go to the elevator, where the elevator operator looks at my ticket. But then finally it goes up to the observation deck.

I have a great view over the cathedral island in Wroclaw. So I have a beautiful view of the Prince-Bishop’s Palace. Here someone has a very well-kept garden with direct access to the river.


In the meantime I have already visited some places of interest in Wroclaw, which I now recognize from up here in the distance.


When I got back down to the cathedral, I can have a look at the inside of the cathedral. Shortly afterwards, the wedding party returns to the cathedral – probably to the second part of the wedding. That’s what I call timing.

For me, this is the end of the line and I’m on my way to the hotel. But there is more to see on the cathedral island.


Opening hours viewing platform Wroclaw Cathedral

  • Monday: 12:00 – 17:30 o’ clock
  • Tuesday- Saturday: 10:00 – 17:30 o’ clock
  • In the holidays July and August: 14:00 – 17:30 o’ clock
  • In the holidays other months: 14:00 – 16:00 o’ clock

Entrance fee for the viewing platform Breslau Cathedral

  • Normal: 5 zloty
  • Reduced: 4 zloty

The Botanical Garden

After visiting so many churches, it is worthwhile to stay in the Botanical Garden. In this garden, planted in 1811, there are over 700 different plants to explore.

Conclusion of my excursion to the Sand- and Cathedral Island in Wroclaw

I am impressed by this ancient and quiet part of Wroclaw. On a city trip to Wroclaw I strongly recommend a walk over the sand and cathedral island.

Don’t miss the oldest part of Wroclaw with its religious centre. There is a great concentration of religious buildings here. The Wroclaw Cathedral, the most important church building in Silesia, is worth a visit. Do not forget to include the observation deck.


In addition to the numerous churches, the Botanical Garden also has its charms. Don’t forget the ice in sunny weather!

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