What did you have to see in Eisenach?


For the Reformation anniversary I also wanted to visit a place of the Reformation. I thought the city of Eisenach would be a particularly good place for this. And already I asked myself the question: What must one have seen in Eisenach? After my short trip to Eisenach I can recommend some things – and it has nothing to do with the Reformation.

5 places you have to see in Eisenach!

  • Wartburg – on the tracks of Junker Jörg
  • Bachhaus – Master of the Baroque
  • Lutherhaus – Luther and the Reformation
  • Drachenschlucht (Dragon Gorge) – path between moss and rock
  • Automobile museum ‘automobile world eisenach’

Wartburg – on the tracks of Junker Jörg

At the top of my list of places to see in Eisenach is of course the Wartburg. With its UNESCO World Heritage designation, it sits high above the city – which of course promises a beautiful view.


Since I was on top of the Wartburg during the anniversary year of the Reformation, there was a lot more to see than usual. But there were other rooms not to see or I could not photograph them. However, a visit to the Wartburg castle is always worthwhile.

Not only is there great history to discover here. The highlight is of course the parlour where Luther is said to have translated the Bible. Also the view in all directions is simply fantastic from up here. If you want to go even higher, you can climb the South Tower in the Wartburg for 50 cents.

I would especially recommend a visit at Christmas time. Then there is a Christmas market with a medieval theme at the Wartburg. However, it is a popular excursion destination and therefore quite often full.

Duration of stay at the Wartburg Castle with a visit: at least 2 hours.

Travel tip: Arrival either very early with your own car or later with one of the buses leaving from below. If you drive up later, the parking spaces may already be occupied.

Bachhaus – Master of Baroque

But before we come right back to Luther, it gets musical. Before my visit to Eisenach I knew nothing about the Bachhaus in Eisenach. After the visit I am enthusiastic about the Bachhaus and the concept.

Not only is the ensemble of the two buildings exciting, there are also some things to discover in the exhibition – also for people like me who can only listen to music but cannot play an instrument.


I found the foreplay particularly interesting. In certain periods of time, a musician introduces different instruments. This, however, not only by means of numerical data facts.

He plays the various instruments. With some exciting new impressions I come out of this entertaining event. Be sure to join in if you have some time.


I find the interaction between the old building and the new extension particularly beautiful. If you have to bend down in the old building from time to time, the new extension radiates modernity and design.

I was particularly taken with the bubble chairs, in which I listen to Bach’s music for a while and look out.

Length of stay: Up to 2 hours – longer with bubble chairs.

Lutherhaus – Luther and the Reformation

A city like Eisenach, which with the Wartburg houses an important place in Luther’s life, also honours its prominent citizen in another form. Not far from the market place is the Lutherhaus in Eisenach.


The house where Luther is said to have lived during his time in Eisenach before his stay in Wartburg houses an informative exhibition about the man Luther.

But also his influence on the German language, religion and history are illuminated in a modern way in the Lutherhaus in Eisenach.

A visit to the Luther House is therefore always worthwhile during a stay in Eisenach. Have a look if there is an interesting special exhibition in the adjacent building.

Duration of stay: 1,5 hours

Drachenschlucht – Path on moss and rock

The Drachenschlucht (Dragon Gorge) is a beautiful natural destination. It is located in the south of Eisenach, only a 30-minute walk from the city centre. It is also easily accessible by car.

I park my car in the parking lot Marienthal. From here it goes first past manorial city mansions until it goes into the forest. You can’t miss the way to the Drachenschlucht from here.


The Drachenschlucht itself isn’t that long. The geological natural monument is about 200 meters long. Via footbridges we go along the rock walls over the rushing stream that flows below me.

The special thing about the Drachenschlucht are the bottlenecks. Here is only 70 cm space in some places – an oppressive but also fascinating feeling. Especially because it rushes and gurgles under me, because a stream runs along here.

Travel tip: Hiking through the gorge as early as possible to have the moment for you. From 11:00 o’clock it gets full also in the low season. Then there is a different hiker in a colourful outdoor jacket at every corner.

Duration of stay: Up to 2 hours


Automobile museum ‘automobile welt eisenach’

On my departure I make a little detour to the automobile museum ‘automobile welt eisenach’. Eisenach is one of germans automotive locations.


While the Trabant and Wartburg were produced here for GDR citizens during the GDR period, the Opel plant outside the city still bears witness to Eisenach as an automotive location.

The museum also deals with the period before the GDR. Eisenach was already an automotive location there too. The world of automobiles offers exciting insights for those interested in automobiles.

Duration of stay: approx. 1 hour

What did you have to see in Eisenach? More than Luther!

As you have seen, Eisenach offers something for every holidaymaker. I had a really good time here. Besides Luther there is a lot more to see in the city in Thuringia.

Eisenach has a lot to offer with art, culture and history. In addition, there are other worthwhile excursion destinations in the nearby nature.


Für ein verlängertes Wochenende oder einen Kurzaufenthalt ist Eisenach ein schönes Reiseziel. Neben den obigen Sehenswürdigkeiten gibt es hier auch Restaurants mit guter Küche, in die Du einkehren kannst. Ich persönlich habe den Lutherschmaus in den Lutherstuben genossen. Dazu dann beizeiten mehr. War echt lustig.

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